Playtonium is . . . an entertainment site for you to enjoy.

Playtonium is . . . a developer showcase.

Just as the Playtonium Internet site is "two things", it also has two primary missions. The first is to deliver smiles, thrills, challenges and great entertainment to millions of Playtonium fans. The second is to show off the work of some of the finest game developers on the web today -- and bring new clients and licensees to these great developers.

If you've arrived at the Playtonium site with the idea of having a good time, playing a few games, and creating some neat stuff to send your friends, we say "welcome and get to it". Please enjoy yourself; please tell your friends to visit Playtonium; and, if you work for a company whose web presence is less than exciting, please suggest the services of our superb content developers to your marketing and advertising departments.

Or, if you are an Internet or Marketing Staff Member visiting Playtonium to evaluate some of the best entertainment on the web today, we say "welcome and please explore the content thoroughly". Here, you will find works that represent many styles and appeal to many different audiences. You'll find works by developers that are skilled at integrating client brands and messages into this content. You'll find works of the very highest quality which:

  • bring customers back to web sites time and again,
  • get bookmarked and passed along to friends,
  • get played for long periods of time,
  • leave customers with a smile on their faces and a positive impression of the site

If you appreciate these developers' work, we hope that you'll take a few moments to visit their sites and express your appreciation. Of course, if you are a potential client or licensee, they'll be doubly delighted to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting Playtonium, the element of fun.

Have a good time!