About Playtonium : Custom Game & Internet Multimedia Design

Playtonium.com is the right place to find developers skilled and experienced in delivering custom entertainment to your company's specifications. Long before the Wall Street Journal and New York Times published their first articles on the success of "advergames", these developers were creating them.

Today, the Internet is mature enough to say, with certainty, that branded games and multimedia activities do work. They deliver traffic; they entice new visitors; they keep web surfers smiling and on a company's site for long periods of time. The net is an entertainment medium. Just as actors, writers and directors power the television sitcoms, developers like these power the new medium.

Every developer with content on the Playtonium site was chosen because of the quality of their work. Every developer here has a track record of accomplishment, creativity and satisfied clients. Each would be pleased to discuss your company's game or entertainment needs.