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For a number of reasons having to do with server setup, business matters and liability, Shock Bowl MP will be retired (no longer available) on Friday February 20, 2004.

We thank all those that have made the game popular and wish you the very best.

Shock Bowl MP is a large-scale multi-user game. Before you play, please read and note:

  1. For satisfactory performance, we suggest that you not play unless you are on a computer with the following minimum performance (or higher) -- 64 Mb of RAM and a 400 Mhz processor. The faster your computer, the better this game will perform.
  2. This game is not monitored. Players are free to say whatever they like. We hope that all players will keep their language and their juvenile alter-egos in check; but we realize that this is not always the case on multi-player web games. There are settings within the game so that you may shut off all chat or the chat from particular players. Plus, a majority of players may also kick an unpleasant player out of a game session. Nevertheless, the game's developer takes no responsibility for the words of those that play and we encourage anyone that might be offended to not play Shockbowl MP.
  3. NEVER, under any circumstances, give out any personal information to anybody in the game. You will never be asked for any information of any kind by an employee of Playtonium, or Adveractive.

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