Thank you for spending some time on our Playtonium site. Since you've come to the Help page, we are assuming that you have encountered some difficulty in playing one of our games or using one of our applications. We hope that the information below will be useful.

Our Games use the Macromedia Flash and Shockwave Players


These Macromedia "Players" (also known as Plug-Ins or Active-X controls) are free helper applications which allow you to play games and view certain animations in your browser. You do need to have relatively recent versions of both of these Players installed on your computer to really enjoy our games and applications. If you try to play our games and you see a broken icon where a game should be, you are probably missing one or both of the Players. Click the links to the right to get the free players from Macromedia's web site.

Support for the Macromedia Flash and Shockwave Players

Hundreds of millions of people have downloaded and successfully use the Shockwave and Flash Players. But there have been instances where one or the other has failed to work properly after it is installed. The links to the right will take you directly to Macromedia's "Player Support FAQ" pages where you will find helpful troubleshooting information.

Problems with Particular Playtonium Games or Applications

If you have encountered a problem while playing one of our games or using a Playtonium application, we apologize for the inconvenience. In order to help our developers track down the problem, we would very much appreciate an e-mail telling us what happened. If you have a moment and wish to tell us about your experience, please click the special e-mail forms below and try to include as much specific information as possible regarding:

Problems with one of our Free Web Games.
Problems with the Jigsaw365 Download Game.
Problems with the Atomic Pongling Download Game.
Problems with one of the Jigsaw Puzzle Download Collections.
Problems with the Wordsense Challenge Download Game.