About Playtonium : Licensing

Many of the games and activities featured here on Playtonium.com may be licensed for placement on other Internet sites. As you peruse and play the various games, look for links below them labeled "License this Game". Click these and you will find the most current information about the individual games, their availability and their specifications.

As different games are the intellectual property of the individual Playtonium Affiliate Developers, there is no "standard" licensing policy across all games on this site. Nevertheless, each of the developers will be delighted to work with potential clients to craft appropriate licensing arrangements for the content.

And finally, a note of reality. Every game that is featured on the Playtonium site represents an investment by these developers of anywhere from "several" thousand dollars to "many, many" thousands of dollars. No matter how simple the game concept, creating and programming Playtonium-caliber games requires tremendous effort, expertise and time. These developers do not tolerate the use of their games without their express permission and they will normally not consider licensing their games for next-to-nothing or for simply the fame-and-exposure of having their works on a site. Each development company is an economic enterprise with payroll, overhead and an organization to keep running.

Either singly or as a group, Playtonium's developers look forward to meeting your organization's needs for outstanding licensed entertainment content.