Atomic Pongling

Atomic Pongling

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Take the classic Earth sport, Bowling, mix with the arcade classic, Pong, add a liberal dash of The Element of Fun, simmer over an open flame, and you've got ... Atomic Pongling! It's the perfect recipe for fun and action, and features four intense game modes, including solo and two-player action.

Enjoy Pongling in its four game variations:

  • Classic Pongling -- With updated graphics and sound, Classic Pongling is always a challenge, no matter how much you play.
  • Atomic Pongling -- Move faster, shoot harder, and score higher in this multi-level Pongling marathon.
  • Reactor Pongling -- Head to head or against the computer, it's a mad race to win. Finish your frames first and your opponent racks up gutter balls.
  • Shootout Pongling -- Aim carefully and control the ball. Put it into the worm hole and your opponent takes over!

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